Continuity with "continueds" from Scrivener to Final Draft

In an earlier post, we discussed the use of mores and continueds in your script. If you plan to use them, here's how to type your script in Scrivener for correct formatting later in Final Draft.

Screenwriting software like Final Draft can automatically handle continueds as you type. But Scrivener does not. Although Scrivener does have a ton of screen/stage play formatting options, it does not try to cram in every feature of a dedicated program. So, how do you get proper continueds from Scrivener to Final Draft? It's easy.

Note: here I'll be using stage play format. I don't write screenplays, so I can't confirm whether this works in one. YMMV. YOLO.

Typing in Scrivener

Character Continueds
In Scrivener, create a new character/dialogue element after your stage action -- but type the same character name.


Final Draft will recognize the duplicate name and add the (CONT'D) when it imports the script.

Page continueds (MORE) + (CONT'D)
Nothing needed in Scrivener, just let the page breaks happen. Final Draft will format them automatically when you import.

Exporting from Scrivener

Be sure that in Scrivener's export settings, you format as Script or Screenplay.


And that you are compiling for Final Draft.


Importing into Final Draft

Just open the .fdx file exported from Scrivener. Final Draft should import the script and automatically add the mores and continueds. Done!

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